Maria Rampinelli is a celebrity in her own right and has been staging long before HGTV made staging a popular TV series and a household name. Maria's years of experience, keen sense of design and natural talents make her a Master at Staging. Passionate about staging, Maria knows and insists it is an imperative piece of the Home Selling Process. Maria has proven over and over that staging homes Sells Homes. Maria has not only created the Rampinelli Team, but she has also created a Staging Crew of Professionals. Maria's selection process of her staging crew is based on backgrounds that fulfill the various components of staging to include: Design background, color studies, organization, time management, client relations, experience in the contracting industry and Professional Movers.

Over and over our pleased Homeowners, who have sold homes through us, repeat this phrase "They do more than any other Team of Realtors® out there!" The Home Selling Process can be overwhelming, especially once you decide to sell and need to prepare your home to Sell, and ...... that is where WE come in. Our staging techniques concentrate on how to highlight your home’s best qualities to create the "Dream Home" for the Buyer, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, attract the internet buyer. 

It is a known fact the internet is a key part of selling your home and we create an incredible picture story for you. We establish this through our attentive use of color, design, layout, and our extraordinary talent to see your home "through the lens". You may have heard of staging horror stories, but with our team of professionals, we will, quickly and skillfully, get the job done!  Clients have said: " I feel like I am living in a beautiful hotel" after our crew has finished staging.


Maria Rampinelli is widely known for her cutting-edge marketing techniques.  She has paved the way for innovative marketing in the real estate industry.  From creating a special website for each and every property that the Rampinelli Team lists, to e-brochures, walkthrough videos, and 3D Matterport Models, other companies have copied her tried and true methods for successful marketing.

Before and After pictures of our staging process.