How to stay healthy during Covid-19

Searching for a home during a pandemic

 BHHS Stay Healthy searching for a home during covid 19

There are so many things to consider when shopping for a home, now we have to worry about the safety of the homeowner as well as the potential buyer.  Whenever possible seek out our Walkthrough videos or 3D Virtual tours.  These innovative marketing techniques allow you to virtually browse a home.  

High-Resale Value Projects You Can Tackle In a Weekend

“There’s no place like home,”

as the old saying goes. That’s especially true when it comes to an investment.

You live in, and love your home, but there might come a time when you have to leave it. And when that time comes, you’ll want to get as much money as you can for your property so you can move onward — and upward.

In order to increase your abode’s value, you might think you have to put in a ton of time, effort, and money, but that’s not entirely true. Instead, you can take on weekend projects over time to spruce the place up so when it’s time to sell, you have a completely updated property that’ll end up selling itself.  Set the stage for staging!

Ready to get to work? Roll up your sleeves and start on one of the following five weekend projects.

Understanding the Role of the Real Estate Agent

This is an article I recently came across that was originally published in 2014 but is certainly still relevant today.rawpixel 633841 unsplash


The road to homeownership can be bumpy, and it’s often filled with unexpected turns and detours. That’s why it makes sense to have a real estate pro help guide the way.

While real estate websites and mobile apps can help you identify houses you may be interested in, an experienced agent does much more, including: