Yana Yakhnis
Sales Associate
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Yana Yakhnis was born and raised in Russia. She graduated from the Urals Pedagogical University and decided it was time for a change, and moved to London, England. Eventually, Yana moved to the United States and has been here for the past 19 years.

She and her husband live in Verona with their three children, a teen, a first grader, and a baby. They chose Verona because they loved the town and schools, and felt it was very nice and cozy here. Yana likes to spend time with family and friends, hike and picnic in the woods, and enjoys cooking!

Real Estate was the perfect career choice for Yana since she always enjoyed looking at homes with friends. Yana has had her real estate license now for eleven years and enjoys working with Buyers. Her favorite part of her job is searching for, and finding, that perfect house for her clients.

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